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Welcome to the vibrant world of Peter Pickering, where photography and philosophy intertwine to explore the depths of artistic expression and personal insight. On this blog, you'll embark on a journey through various realms of creativity and contemplation. Delve into Photography Perspectives, where Peter shares his six decades of expertise, capturing the essence of street life and landscapes through his lens. Explore Personal Reflections to engage with Peter's poignant narratives and poetry, reflecting his rich life experiences and the wisdom of his years. Wander through the Labyrinth of Thought, a space dedicated to unraveling complex ideas and musings on art, culture, the universe and beyond. Finally, experience the Spirit of Australia through Peter's eyes, as he showcases the unique beauty and rugged spirit of the Australian landscape and its people. Join Peter Pickering in this eclectic exploration of life, art, and the many passions that drive us.