Peter Pickering - Words and Worlds Interwoven

In the lively pulse of this expansive world, I've lived a life marked by introspection, my thoughts often deeper and more vibrant than most could imagine. Being neurodiverse, I see the world painted in more vivid shades and intricate textures than the typical eye perceives. For over 50 years, a melody has resonated within me, weaving through my life with an inexplicable significance—the song "Winter Wine" by Caravan.

This song, with its sweeping landscapes and nostalgic evocations of a simpler, yet more adventurous time, mirrors my internal world. It's a realm where the lines between dreams and reality blur, where dragons soar and knights charge boldly into battle. Yet, this is no ordinary medieval fantasy; it serves as a metaphor for my daily struggles and triumphs.

The song's melancholy mixed with hope acts as a balm to my soul. "Winter Wine" isn't merely background music; it's a narrative that mirrors my life’s highs and lows. The lyrics, speaking of a journey through fantastical lands and an escape from the mundane, reflect my own escapism from neurotypical norms that often feel constricting.

The mention of "magic waters" moving the narrator to a dream captures my lifelong dance with my imagination—an imagination that allows me to transcend the difficulties of fitting into a world that seldom understands my ways. Yet, like the