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Peter Pickering, Australia. Creative Words & Images.
Peter Pickering, Australia. Creative Words & Images.

Welcome to the 'Me' section of my personal website, a place where the essence of my existence swirls together like wisps of smoke: ephemeral, enigmatic, and always looking ahead. My life, mirroring my work, weaves a complex interplay of light and shadow, capturing fleeting moments that narrate a story far beyond what meets the eye.

The odyssey into the creative realm began through the lens of a camera, my window to the world's hidden narratives. Photography for me transcends being a business; it's a perspective, a means to decipher and convey the world's intricacies. This art has bestowed upon me a unique voice, intertwining reality with imagination, documenting life's candid episodes with an ethereal brushstroke.

Exploring the Depths: A Journey Beyond Facade

Navigating Life's Complex Labyrinth

The Symphony of My Life MELODIES WITHIN

But my journey encompasses more than just capturing images; I wield what I affectionately call my SuperPowers: the skills to ride the tumultuous tides of Neurodiversity, turning hurdles into pillars of strength and innovation. This path is one I tread not in solitude but accompanied by my cherished wife, Parichad, my steadfast companion through the oscillating peaks and troughs of life. Together, we bask in the comfort and joy brought by our beloved dogs, Dinky and NooDee, whose boundless love and whimsical behaviour furnish daily doses of inspiration and solace.

My fervour for history and narrative extends beyond personal confines, materialising in the establishment and management of online platforms dedicated to the intricate narratives of yesteryears. From the barren volcanic rocks of Aden to the rugged terrains of Perim Island, I dive into history's depths, resurrecting long-forgotten tales to enlighten contemporary minds. This historical voyage transcends mere fact recitation; it's an endeavour to connect with our collective legacy, to comprehend the dynamics shaping our now and hereafter.

Peter Pickering and Parichad Khongon in a cafe in Thailand
Peter Pickering and Parichad Khongon in a cafe in Thailand

Discovering the joy of writing has been a revelation akin to uncovering a hidden treasure within myself. Once, I believed my thoughts and expressions were bound solely to the visual realm, conveyed through the lens of my camera. Yet, I've found a new avenue for my creativity in the art of writing, an outlet that allows me to weave creative insights and embellishments into words, much like the intricate details captured in my photographs.

The old adage 'a picture says a thousand words' has long resonated with me, but I've come to embrace a new mantra of my own: 'few words can a picture make.' This phrase has gained unexpected depth and relevance over the past year, particularly with the advent of artificial intelligence, enabling us to craft vivid images from mere text. The written word has become not just a method of communication, but a profound creative tool, opening new horizons for my artistic journey.

Embracing Change:

Community, Simplicity, and Wisdom

At my core lies a profound sense of community. Through expansive online networks, I've cultivated havens for like-minded street photography aficionados to exhibit, enlighten, and evolve. These forums transcend mere display platforms; they foster dialogue, exchange of visions, and a shared odyssey towards artistic maturation.

I've noticed a shift in my preferences and pleasures, a transformation that's as natural as the changing of seasons. The once appealing ritual of dressing up to go out for an evening meal has lost its charm; today, I find solace in the comfort of casual attire, mirroring the simplicity I now seek in life. My culinary tastes have similarly evolved, gravitating towards the uncomplicated joys of traditional fare.

Dinky, a cute Maltese/Shihtzu dog is running through the leaves
Dinky, a cute Maltese/Shihtzu dog is running through the leaves

Say 'Hi' to family member, Dinky

Give me the hearty simplicity of beans on toast, the quintessential British comfort of fish and chips with a pickled egg and mushy peas, or the timeless satisfaction of a Sunday roast beef lunch, followed by the sweet nostalgia of apple crumble with custard. Even a humble cheese and beetroot sandwich suffices as a delightful snack. This shift extends to the modern coffee shop culture, where finding the basics amidst the array of fancy offerings has become a challenge. I yearn for simplicity, for the unadorned and genuine, a reflection of the changes that age gracefully instils in us.

Now, as I navigate the gentler currents of my twilight years, leaving behind the fervour of business ventures for a life adorned with simpler joys, my aspirations have transformed, becoming more intimate, less monumental. Yet, my zest for mentoring the forthcoming generations, guiding them through life's multifaceted challenges and professional quandaries, remains undiminished. So, who is Peter Pickering? A photographer, a historian, a writer, a devoted husband to Parichad, and a friend to all beings, big and small. I'm an explorer of unseen light, a chronicler of hidden tales, and an advocate for the indomitable human spirit. Welcome to my cosmos.

In the domain of the in-between, I'm an eternal voyager, tracing the fine lines that delineate realms. My presence in this liminal domain mirrors a journey through a delicate fog, with every step uncovering a fresh facet of reality, fleeting and intricate. I become the essence of change, living in the interstices of language, the pauses within a tune. Here, in this in-between existence, I am constantly in flux, not wholly one entity or another but continually morphing and growing. It's in these periods of change that I uncover deep insights about my own essence and the cosmos.

Hidden beneath the surface level of my consciousness is the subliminal sphere, a landscape of gentle currents that subtly shape how I perceive and act, often beyond the reach of my immediate awareness. Here, in this deep expanse, my darkest fears and loftiest dreams quietly shape my path, like invisible currents directing a vessel's journey. In this concealed depth, my creativity bubbles, with notions and musings brewing quietly until they're ripe to emerge into daylight. My subliminal essence acts in silence, a discreet guardian of my deepest contemplations and sentiments, steering me with instinct and the muted echoes of my deeper mind.

Image depicting the liminal, subliminal and supraliminal on Peter Pickering's website.
Image depicting the liminal, subliminal and supraliminal on Peter Pickering's website.

However, my voyage extends beyond the dim reaches. It unfolds into the luminous stretch of the supraliminal, a space where the limits of perception broaden and consciousness ascends to new heights. In this superior state, I transcend mere observation; Peter Pickering becomes a creator, a seer, moulding existence with the force of creativity and vision. The supraliminal realm is my workshop, where I unlock all my capabilities, moving beyond the ordinary to encounter the extraordinary. In this lofty realm, I am unbound by traditional thinking, venturing past the physical to embrace the boundless and the perpetual. There are times when the exclusivity of my inner experiences feels somewhat isolating, as if I'm harbouring an untold story bursting with vivid landscapes and profound insights. It feels almost unjust, this solitary guardianship of a universe brimming with such wonder and depth, hidden from the collective gaze. The desire to share this richness with others, to let them glimpse the beauty and complexity of my inner world, is both a yearning for connection and an invitation to explore together.

Beyond the Veil: My Journey Through Shadow and Light

"The novel of life writes itself, each day a new page filled with endless possibilities."

Beyond the Surface: EMBRACE Deeper Insights

Venture into the more secluded corners of my world through the detailed narratives housed in Neurodiversity, or in my Blog where the category 'Personal Reflections' serves as a sanctuary for the stories closest to my heart. Within these pages lie reflections crafted from a lifetime of experiences, insights, and adventures. Each post is a testament to the moments and memories that have shaped me, presented with honesty and a touch of whimsy. As you peruse these personal tales, I hope you find pieces of wisdom, laughter, and perhaps a reflection of your own journey. Join me, Peter Pickering, in this exploration of life’s intricate dance, and let’s discover the beauty of shared human experience together.